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Helpful Scrapbooking Tips

We have many years of experience with scrapbooking and want to make sure you end up with a great looking scrapbook. If you choose the wrong supplies then in the end you'll be disappointed. There are some key elements you do not want to overlook. So let's see how we can help you end up with a quality professional scrapbook.

When it comes to Photobooth Events, here are a few of our suggestions to ensure your Photobooth scrapbook looks amazing:

  • 1) Choose a large enough scrapbook and get extra pages. With the photo strips or block photos, you do not want to end up with a scrapbook that is too small. Once the photo is glued in, you want to make sure you have room to add decoration and messages from your guests. We try to place minimum 2 print per page, so make sure the pages are large enough. At least 8" x 10" or even 12" x 14" is better.

  • 2) Black or white pages are definitely recommended. Nothing busy or multicolored. Our photos have a nice white matte around the edges. This white border looks great against a black or white background. Your pictures are sure to stand out.

  • 3) Do not select pages that have a fancy or busy pattern. You will not be able to read any messages on pages like that. Keep the pages clean, plain and preferably white or black. This has the best outcome.

  • 4) Have extra pages. Its best to make sure you do not run out of pages. Once your scrapbook is filled up, then you will have several more prints left over and no pages to place them on. This will be a hassle for you and your guest will miss out with writing you a message in your book.

  • 5) Choose the right glue. Do not use liquid glue. I'll repeat that, DO NOT USE LIQUID GLUE! If not used correctly or you have a leaky bottle, it can be a mess. All you need is one guest to get crazy with it, and you now have a messy table and book. Only select glue daubers, glue sticks or sticker tape rollers.

  • 6) Choose the right pens. Big thick markers are not recommended. Choose something that can be used by everyone, ones that write well and not too thick. We recommend the gold and silver gel pens. They look great, ink dries fast and they have a nice classy look when you show off your scrapbook.

  • 7) Create a feature page. Leave the first page blank...why? Because its yours! We always save the first page for the bride and groom, birthday guest, or event theme There is nothing better than opening your own scrapbook and seeing yourself featured right away. After all, remember...this scrapbook is all about YOU!

  • 8) Make sure your pens and glue are acid free. Very important! Paper used in a scrapbook is usually construction paper and not acid resistant. Pens and glue with acid in it will eventually break down the paper and the glue will separate from eating away at the paper. Remember - ACID FREE!

  • 9) Put someone in charge of it. We are glad to monitor you scrapbook and make sure it ends up looking great. We recommend to not let your guests handle it on their own. Most guests have great intentions, but fail to understand how important it is to keep the book professional.You may end up with pictures glued every which way, messy messages that take up entire pages and bent or damages pages. Trust us, it can happen. When we handle your event, we take care of your scrapbook and make sure it's looked after nicely. We want you to have a book you are proud to show off.

  • 10) Don't leave it unattended. Make sure someone is in charge to pick up the book at the end of the night. After all, you don't want to spend the extra time to do a great looking book but then have it lost or left behind. We make sure at the end of the night, the book is handed to someone in charge of it, to make sure it gets back to you.

Tips to enhance your scrapbook either at the event or afterwards:

  • Want to enhance your guests's message?
    Don't have them write directly in the book, instead have decorated card stock available for them to write their message and glue in the book.

  • Want a more eye-catching layout and background?
    And card stock shapes and ribbons for the edges to create a more visually appealing page
  • Pens cans add definition and style:
    Have a couple of choices of pens to choose from. Different colors like gold or sliver, then use a variety of thicknesses from fine tipped to thick to create a more unique look for each message written by your guest.


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